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Working towards NRA scholarship by taking Eddie Eagle to Elementary Schools in North Carolina

Kaytlyn Leonard at North Carolina elementary school with NRA's Eddie Eagle Every summer, the National Rifle Association gathers students from across the nation for a summit. A week-long educational experience where almost fifty high school sophomores and juniors tour monuments, attend lectures and listen to experts on the what it means to be an active and valuable citizen of the United States.

Part of that process includes an opportunity to help pay for college – but only for those who are willing to go that extra mile. Its known as the Grand Scholarship and it all depends on what they bring back to their community.

One student going that extra mile is Kaytlyn Leonard. Kaytlyn comes from Liberty, North Carolina. One of those ways she's bringing the NRA back to her community is through the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program. Here's a note from Kaytlyn about one Eddie Eagle experience last month:

Introducing NRA's Eddie Eagle to North Carolina elementary school

Kaytlyn Leonard dances with Eddie Eagle during safety presentation at North Carolina elementary school

Last October, I was excited to teach the Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program to about 60 third grade students at Donna Lee Loflin Elementary School in Asheboro, North Carolina. The students were as excited as me — we were couldn't wait to hear the life-saving message of Eddie Eagle.

The students were paying close attention and asking tons of questions about the program's materials. It was easy to see that Eddie was making a real impact on the students as well as the teachers.

After talking about general safety issues - everything from fire safety, swimming safety, bike safety, etc - the students eventually landed on the topic of Gun Safety. It was the perfect time to discuss why gun safety is so important.

To emphasize the point, we watched the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Video so they could see the kind of impact Eddie Eagle has had on children just like them. Now it was time for the real fun.

After mastering the Eddie Eagle chant - Stop! Don't Touch! Leave The Area! Tell An Adult! - we went on to the dance. After they mastered the dazzling dance, Eddie Eagle himself flew in to teach the students and act out Safety Scenarios.

The entire Eddie Eagle Program presentation was well received and understood by the students and teachers thanks to the videos, workbooks, stickers and the hard work of Eddie Eagle himself. Teaching the program was an amazing experience and felt like a great!

Kaytlyn Leonard poses with class at Eddie Eagle presentation in North Carolina

Click here for more information on NRA's Youth Education Summit.

To bring Eddie Eagle to the pre-K through third grade youths in your neighborhood, check out the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program webpage at


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