By Kyle Jillson | November 16 2012 13:47

Want your George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest entry back? Send us a pre-paid return envelope.

Return envelopes for the 2012 George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest

Fairfax, Virginia - The George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest's judging may be over, but we're not done yet. Aside from revealing this year's winners we've begun the process of sending back artwork.

Students put a lot of effort into creating their entries and a lot want them returned to use in portfolios, participation in other contest, personal use, etc. Unfortunately we can't just send everyone's artwork back and ask for pre-paid envelopes if you'd like your entries returned. We receive a lot of these envelopes every year. Above is a big stack of them ready to be paired with their art.

If you entered this year's contest, didn't include a return envelope and would still like your art back, it's not too late!

Simply send us a return envelope, or call us at (703) 267-1588 and arrange shipment of postage, and we'll be happy to make sure your artwork gets back to you. Every year there are entries that go unclaimed and we hate to see that happen after all the effort put into them.

We know you're eager to see the amazing artwork that won this year's contest and we'll have it for you soon. In the meantime you can browse through last year's winners here:

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