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Elephant Rifles and Hollywood Guns going to Nation's Gun Show

Clark Gable's Registered Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum

Fairfax, Virginia - The Nation's Gun Show takes over the Dulles Expo Center for one weekend every couple of months. As luck would have it, one of those weekends is this very weekend. And seeing as how the Expo Center is right down the road from the National Firearms Museum, the Museum staff decided to take a few special guns for display.

Here's the list:

  • Holland & Holland .700 Nitro Express Double Rifle - Engraved in deep relief with scenes of African elephants by Phillipe Grifnee, this rifle generates more than 15,000 fps of energy when firing a 1,000 grain projectile.
  • Dirty Harry's Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum revolver - Used by Clint Easwood in Dirty Harry and Magnum Force, this Model 29 is on loan from screenwriter John Milius.
  • Freedom Arms .454 Casull revolver - The telescopically sighted Model 83 revolver in .454 Casull is an excellent choice for big game handgun hunting.
  • Engraved Colt .357 Python revolver - A double-action standard, this custom engraved .357 Magnum fitted with carved ivory grips was donated by Dr. William and Collette Roberts.
  • Szecei & Fuchs .416 Magnum Double Barreled Bolt-action rifle - Hungarian inventor Joseph Szecei developed his unique double-loading double-barreled bolt-action rifle, and it's eight shot magazine, after being charged by three bull elephants.
  • Clark Gable's Registered .357 Magnum revolver - Discontinued in 1939, this Smith & Wesson was one of approximately 5,500 made.

But that wasn't enough ... I wanted to know more about the Clark Gable Magnum. Senior Curator Doug Wicklund was happy to provide.

"Smith & Wesson was getting ready to present their first Magnum, which was a .357, and they thought such a dynamite thing would be a collectors item and an instant classic, they decided to to issue a Registration Certificate," Wicklund explained. "That certificate would note the serial number of the gun, a special registration number unique to that gun along with the owner's name.

"One thing that's interesting about this firearm is that it's a classic gun from the 30's that one of the firm's officers, I believe Major Doug Wesson, went out to hunt big game like moose and black bears with that particular model of gun. Kind of neat."

For now those six guns are secured with wraps and socks inside a large metallic case. Tomorrow that case goes to Chantilly until Friday, the 16th, when they all go on display.

If you're in the Chantilly area, and you're looking for a little firearms history fun, then the Nation's Gun is for you.

Case holding NRA guns including Holland .700 Nitro Express, Dirty Harry's .44 Magnum and Szecei & Fuchs .416 for the Chantilly Gun Show


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