By Lars Dalseide | November 13 2012 10:47

National Firearms Museum goes West with plans for opening

Badges and passes for the 2012 Tulsa Arms Show in Oklahoma

Fairfax, Virginia - Do anything fun last week?

How does a couple of days at Bass Pro Shops headquarters followed by a weekend at the Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show sound? Yea, my week wasn't that good either ... but Jim Supica's was.

As Director of NRA's National Firearms Museum, Supica is often called out of state for a variety of functions. Last week's workload required a journey from DC to Missouri to Oklahoma and back again. All in the service of gun collecting brothers.

"Bass Pro Shops is almost ready to go. It's looking great."

Scheduled for a February opening, the NRA is opening a Sporting Arms Museum at Bass Pro Shop Headquarters in Springfield, Missouri next spring. Supica was there to inspect the final stages of construction.

"Now all we have to do is get the guns together, complete the signage and put everything in their place."

But he couldn't stop there. After two days of meetings and oversight in Missouri, it was time to make haste to Oklahoma.

For two days in Tulsa, Supica manned the National Firearms Museum booth at the Tulsa Arms Show. And when the opportunity arose, he stole away with a film crew from NRANews to shoot a Display of historic guns by NRA Museum at the Tulsa Arms Show few segments of Curator's Corner.

"Thirteen episodes," Supica said with a smile. "We filmed thirteen separate episodes of Curator's Corner out there in Tulsa. It was amazing.

"My two favorite segments are the ones we shot with Joe Wanenmacher and Steve Fjestad. Joe layed out the basics of what happens at a gun show; what are they, what you can do, what are the rules of etiquette, that sort of thing. Then the one with Steve Fjestad, who published the Blue Book of Gun Values, we had a great discussion about the market of collectable firearms in light of recent events."

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