By Kyle Jillson | November 8 2012 13:43

Top junior shooters face off in an international postal match

Junior Precision Air Gun Competitor Mitchell Van Patten

Fairfax, Virginia - During this year's NRA National Junior Air Gun Championship, the first day's top shooters were selected to join the NRA National Air Gun Team for a postal match against South Africa.

The match, which has been going on for years between the two nations, sees each country field two teams: one Sporter and one Precision. Each team is comprised of 14 shooters - 12 shooting for record, a coach and a manager.

On the United States side, the NJAGC's second day scores go on to be used in the postal match.

Last month we received South Africa's scores and have tallied everything up. How did the stars and stripes do?

Sporter South Africa
Name Total
Ernie Weyers      556
Christo Coetzee      556
Neil Oosthuizen      550
Dominic dr Mesquita      554
Andrew Bekker      548
Werner Odendaal      557
Barend du Plessis      548
Rudolph Grobbelaar      550
Jean-Michael Steyn      560
Luke Chomse      560
Louis Kritzinger      550
Louis Botha      516
Total    6605
Coach: Ronel Weyers      549
Manager: Johannes Vos      544
Sporter USA
Name Total
Cody Sanchez      556
Katlyn Bass      556
Jared Nabinger      554
Alexi Henry      540
Alathea Sellars      540
Mackenzie Crabb      538
Nicki Soto-Thomas      531
Mitchell Csorba      538
Cody Thorne      544
Rachel Schoenrock      561
Rachel Mangan      551
Ivan Roe      528
Total    6537
Coach: Tyler Thorne      533
Manager: Iran Rodriguez      550
Precision South Africa
Name Total
Tiaan Crafford      584
Burnedine Erasmis      580
Tanya Snyders      588
Sybrand Laurens      567
Jacques Pienaar      580
Nina Grobler      555
Elizke du Toit      568
Necia Janse van Vuuren      571
Mariska Marais      555
Rayzandu van der Merwe      570
Marlize Gouws      574
IWilliem Oldewage      573
Total    6865
Coach: Reinette Laurens      565
Manager: Charlto Vorster      577
Precision USA
Name Total
Samantha Bullard      585
Briana Figueroa      583
Dan Lowe      584
Denise Martin      580
Justin Nissen      583
Casey Lutz      584
Alan Agnew      584
Daniel Cliff      578
Jedidiah Huie      586
Alexandra Lorentz      583
Niki Silveria      586
Victoria Templeton      579
Total    6995
Coach: Michael Steinel      577
Manager: Kelsey Moral      580

Turns out it was a split. South Africa's shooters took the Sporter match by 68 points, 6605 to 6537, and the United States won Precision by 130 points, 6995 to 6865.

For years South Africa has engaged in a postal match of this nature with the USA. In 2011 they sent their first team across the Atlantic for their first shoulder-to-shoulder with us Yanks and received a warm welcome. Unfortunately, South Africa was unable to attend the championship this year, and we returned to the traditional postal match. But no postal will be needed next year as South Africa will return to the 2013 NJAGC in full force at Camp Perry.

Congratulations to all our shooters and thanks for keeping the spirit of international competition alive.

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