By Kyle Jillson | November 7 2012 13:42

Will an Arizona artist scratch her way to victory?

Scratch art entry in NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest

Fairfax, Virginia - After highlighting a few of the older contestants in this year's George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest, we're moving back down a couple levels to our elementary school students in Category II. Above is Veda Thomas's unique quail artwork titled Beautiful Quail in my Yard.

While we allow entries to our contest to be done with any medium, most use pencil, paint and charcoal - traditional methods. Veda's artwork is unique because it is done entirely with scratch-art paper. Starting with an entirely black piece of paper, an artist uses knives or other sharp tools to scratch away the top layer, revealing a contrasting white underneath. Because you are only limited to the two colors of the paper, creating depth is up to the thickness and proximity of scratches.

Veda, who sent this entry to us all the way from Phoenix, Arizona, is a sixth grader and at the oldest tier of our second category. She will find her entry getting judged with not only other sixth graders, but fifth and fourth graders as well. How much will the judges like her unique take on a quail? We'll find out soon enough when our judges begin going over all of this year's art.

All entries for this year's contest must be in by Friday the 9th. Once we've processed all of this year's artwork our judges will begin selecting winners. This year's contest features $7,000 in cash prizes for the most talented artists.

If you have any questions about the contest? Check out our Youth Wildlife Art Contest website at or email us at

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