By Lars Dalseide | November 3 2012 12:20

From NRA Tactical Police Competition's San Antonio match

Competitor and Range Safety Officer running through Course #5 at NRA's Tactical Police Competition in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas - The fifth stage at NRA's Tactical Police Shooting Championships at the Blackhawk Range is titled Hallway Runner. And you can take it from me … there's a whole lot of running involved. Here's the scenario:

You're called to a Doctor's office where a male suspect has become violent and is demanding drugs. Staff and patients have escaped, the but the suspect and his cohorts are still inside.

With you heels on the starting line and rifle in hand, you spin and engage targets one, two and three on your right. Then it's about making your way through the office.

Running through halls, down corridors and ultimately to the end. Through the course there are openings and portals with barriers in place and targets to engage. Once you get to the end, however, your rifle should be out of ammo. That's where the handgun and strategy comes into play.

Firing through a portal on Hallway Runner at NRA's San Antonio Tactical police Competition

"You have to focus on your shot selection to make sure they all count," said Robert from Laredo's Border Patrol Unit. "There at big and small targets at the end. You have to make sure to leave to big ones for the handgun at the end."

Sixteen targets in all. Average run time has been around eighty-five seconds with more then half of the competitors yet to take on the course.

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