By Kyle Jillson | November 1 2012 13:50

From law enforcement to education, everyone's doing their part to keep our kids safe

NRA's Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program teaches children to alert adults when they find firearms

Eddie Eagle may have a big presence with members of law enforcement to teach his safety message, but let's not forget the individuals in education who also help him reach our youth. The Eddie Eagle staff recently caught up with a school counselor in Texas who's doing her part and profiled her for their bi-annual newsletter The Eagle Eye.

Laurie Rodriguez, a school counselor in Texas, has been implementing the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program since 2005.

Ms. Rodriguez first heard about the program after searching online for “Gun Safety” after several reports throughout the school year of children bringing guns to school. After finding the Eddie Eagle website,, she discovered that grant funding was available to educators. She was then able to receive the program materials, at no cost, and supply her school with safety materials.

Initially, Rodriguez wanted to ensure all her students had the proper knowledge of firearm accident prevention and only taught the program to 5th, 4th and 3rd grade students. In her second year teaching the program, she decided that her 2nd graders would also benefit from the important life saving message. The following year, Rodriguez expanded her teaching to 1st graders when her son entered elementary school. The feedback Rodriguez has received has been nothing but positive.

“Several parents have even asked for additional coloring books to discuss the importance of Eddie’s message with their children who may not have received the lesson,” said Rodriguez.

Since the program has been taught at Rodriguez’s schools, the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program continues to be one of the most favorite lessons among its students. When the older children notice that Rodriguez is going to be teaching the lesson again, they will go up to her and recite Eddie’s message: If you see a gun, Stop! Don’t Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult.

“That small mantra was easy to learn and obviously made a lasting impact,” said Rodriguez.

Having taught many children over the years, Rodriguez has many stories. One stands out in particular when a 1st grader who had gone through the program came up to her and explained that not only had he remembered Eddie’s safety message, but he taught it to his 4-year old brother after their father had left his firearm out briefly.

Rodriguez currently teaches at Elrod Elementary in Texas and will continue to teach Eddie’s life-saving message to her students. A well-deserved thank you goes out to Ms. Rodriguez for ensuring her students learn Eddie’s important safety message.

With her continued dedication and support, we’re sure she will go on to reach many more young Texans. We truly appreciate everything she does.

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