By Lars Dalseide | October 29 2012 08:04

NRA Headquarters shut down during Hurricane Sandy

Fairfax, Virginia - Governments and business up and down the East Coast have battened down their hatches as the Hurricane Sandy makes her way up the Eastern Seaboard. New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Washington, DC have already declared a state of emergency as this autumn whirlwind combines forces with a storm center from the west to create what some have called a perfect storm.

Should the present forecast hold true (writing this at 11:10 pm on Sunday, October 28), the full brunt of the tempest won't be felt until later this afternoon. According to those predictions, it

Much like the aforementioned operations, the National Rifle Association is also closing their doors for the day. Other public enterprises here at NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, such as the National Firearms Museum and the Headquarters Range, will also be closed.

What does that mean for NRAblog? Not much. We'll still be here writing about classes, offers and Membership Monday like we usually do ... as long as the power holds out that is. Who knows, maybe we'll even write have some Hurricane Sandy updates while we're at it.

So if you're here on the East Coast then stay inside. Keep warm, keep dry and by all means keep safe. There will be plenty of time for cleanup later.


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