By Lars Dalseide | October 23 2012 10:50

Girls Guide to Guns taking shots on the NRA Headquarters Range

Natalie Foster posing by the NRA Seal

Fairfax, Virginia - While writing this, I'm prepping for a meeting with a well respected firearms website ... I'll tell you who later today. Maybe tomorrow. I bring this up because it reminds me of last month's visit by Natalie Foster of Girls Guide to Guns. As she say, "If one day Vogue and Guns & Ammo Magazine fell madly in love, got married and had babies, we (Girls Guide to Guns) would be their favorite child."

We spent the better part of a day taking Natalie to and fro for a variety of meetings here at headquarters. NRA Women, NRA News (who happened to be onsite) and the NRAStore to name but a few. As one might imagine, there's a lot that can be accomplished when spending a day at the NRA.

Natalie Foster with a Novo Pocket revolver at NRA Headquarters

"The Petersen Gallery was impressive," said Foster. "The whole (National Firearms) Museum is just amazing ... a journey through time with these incredible works of art that just happen to be guns."

Looking to expand her coverage and work with the NRA, there was also a stop in the Education & Training Department to inquire about classes in her area. As a resident of Hollywood, California, one might imagine those options to be limited. Not so.

"Eventually I'd like to become a Certified Instructor. It's a big challenge and a lot of responsibility, but there are plenty of great NRA classes available in my neighborhood."

Natalie Foster with an AK style rifle at NRA Headquarters

As with most visits to NRA Headquarters, this one ended up at the range.

In what started as an impromptu photo session, Range Manager Micheal Johns stepped in to offer some basic handgun tips. Trigger control, sight alignment, stance adjustment and the Glock started to sing.

"Such a good range and the people couldn't be nicer. Michael was so helpful."

If and when the opportunity presents, we'll be happy to welcome her back for another to the NRA. Until then, she's gallivanting around the country, spreading the word, and exploring the world of shooting sports for Girls Guide to Guns.

Natalie Foster firing a Glock Handgun at the NRA Headquarters range

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