By Kyle Jillson | October 23 2012 07:33

How about NRA Double Distinguished in both Sporter and Precision Air Rifle?

NRA National Junior Indoor Rifle Championships

Fairfax, Virginia - Hey air gun shooters! Do you dream of an overall win in the NRA Indoor National Championships? Or how about your air rifle skills earning you Olympic gold?

All that may be a few years off, but did you know that you can work on becoming an NRA Distinguished shooter in Sporter and Precision Air Rifle right now?

This is something you can accomplish much sooner than a gold medal and the discipline you learn along the way will help your overall accuracy with just about any gun.

Two separate medallions and lapel pins can be earned by each individual who successfully completes the requirements for both 3-Position Precision and Sporter. Shooters who earn both awards will also receive a Double Distinguished pin.

Families enjoying airgun at NRA Air Gun Range to return to Joe Gibbs' Youth for Tomorrow Event

So how do you become distinguished? Placing in the top-scoring 10% in a designated tournament (e.g. Indoor National Championships, National Junior Air Gun Championships) will earn a step toward an NRA Distinguished Air Gun Award. Each competitor who makes the same numerical score as the last score in the high 10% will be awarded a step toward NRA Distinguished Air Gun Award. Inner tens will not be used as part of the numerical score to break ties.

It takes a minimum of 4 steps to be presented with an NRA Distinguished Air Gun Award and you can only earn up to two steps each year. At least one step must be earned for competition in the NRA National Air Gun Championship and Training Summit. Additionally, you steps for 3 Position Sporter Air Rifle or in 3 Position Precision Air Rifle cannot be earned simultaneously. If you're trying to eventually get both, 3 Position Sporter Air Rifle must be completed first before you can complete steps in 3 Position Precision Air Rifle.

Lastly, you need to be an NRA member to be eligible. Get started working towards this award today! You can read further guidelines on Sporter Air Rifle here and Precision Air Rifle here.


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