By Lars Dalseide | October 23 2012 16:52

New Jersey's seen by 1000’s of NRA, Ammunition, Shooting and Firearms enthusiast

Fredy sits while webmaster Brian holds the Garand rifle serial #1 Fairfax, Virginia - Remember, earlier today, when I said that I was prepping for a meeting with a well respected firearms website? Promised to tell you about it later. It's later. And the website I was referring to is

Created by New Jersey native Fredy Riehl, is a press service for just about everything in the shooting sports. From politics to collecting to hunting, gear and auctions, odds are they have something to feed your firearm appetite.

"It was the perfect time for a visit," said Reihl. "Take care of some business with the NRA, swing by the Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting & Exposition tomorrow and probably take Brian's kid out to dinner tonight."

Brian is webmastering guru Brian Johnson. Handling all the odds and ends on the technology side of the operation, Johnson has a son enrolled at a Washington area college. Past visits with the boy included trips here to the National Firearms Museum and the Headquarters Range.

"Fantastic experience," said Johnson. "There was a guy shooting an M-1 Garand on the right, another shooting a 1911 on the left, and a line the wrapped around the corner."

For Riehl, however, this was his first visit to the National Rifle Association. Meeting with officials from NRA Publications, NRA-ILA and the National Firearms Museum, Reihl has hopes to expand the website's current relationship with the Association.

"No news yet," smiled Reihl. "But the meetings went well and we appreciate everyone taking the time."

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