By Lars Dalseide | October 22 2012 17:17

Wants another Distinguished Leg from NRA Smallbore Rifle

Hap Rocketto shakes hands with smallbore legend Lones Wigger at NRA Smallbore rifle 3-posiiton Championship in Camp Perry Port Clinton, Ohio - Anyone who's ever read anything about rifle shooting knows the name Harold "Hap" Rocketto. Writing for NRA publications like Shooting Sports USA, Hap provides the ins and outs on the tournaments, the guns and the competitors. Why does Hap does this? Because he knows what he's talking about. He put that knowledge on display this summer by winning NRA's Robert K. Moore Trophy.

Handed out to the Senior (shooters 65 years of age and older) with the best overall score, Hap managed this feat by shooting a 2194-72x. Where does that stand in the overall? It ranks him as the fifteen best civilian shooter and in the top 25% overall.

"When I turned 55, I decided I was going to try for the Intermediate Senior (also known as the RWS Trophy) Championship," explained Rocketto. "I'd keep shooting here at Camp Perry until I won. But I won it the first year."

With that task placed in his Smallbore 3-Position Rifle accomplishment column, it was time for a new goal. Senior Smallbore 3-Position Rifle Champion sounded good.

"I decided that I'd keep going until I won the Senior Championship. But I won that again in the first year. "

But for a guy like Hap (pictured behind the trophy above shaking hands with Smallbore legend Lones Wigger), a man who has achieved the rank of Distinguished Rifleman with service and smallbore rifle, is a member of The Presidents Hundred and the 1600 club, winning the Senior title isn't near enough. There's always something new to achieve.

"I'll be back, but I'm probably going to stick to the Prone Championships. I still need a prone logo for NRA's 2013 National Rifle & Pistol Championships distinguished leg."

NRA's 2013 National Rifle & Pistol Championships open with the First Shot Ceremony on July 7th and run through the Long Range High Power Rifle Championships on August 14th. But if you want to see Hap, keep July 20th-25th open on your calendar.

"I like smallbore," said Hap. "I think I'll stick to that."

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