By Kyle Jillson | October 20 2012 08:45

Learning Eddie Eagle's safety message in Western Pennsylvania

Eddie Eagle with Sheriff William Mullen, left, and Deputy Sheriff Jason Tarap

There are so many great stories about Eddie Eagle's safety message reaching children all over the United States. In the most recent Eagle Eye newsletter, we learned about Eddie is doing great work with the Allegheny County Sheriff's Department in the Pittsburgh area:

The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program is very proud to have the opportunity to work with hundreds of law enforcement agencies around the country. Every year the program hears great stories of Eddie’s success and the tremendous impact that Eddie Eagle has on local communities.

Lately, the program heard how the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Department has implemented the Eddie Eagle Program into its annual operations, resulting in great benefit to the Allegheny County community.

The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has provided crime prevention education to countless children over the past 50 years. From administrators and teachers working in the region’s 42 school districts to Pre-K and private school faculty, the Sheriff’s Office has worked with an array of qualified educators to bring safety information to the roughly 240,000 kids living in Allegheny County.

The Sheriff’s Office’s most effective tool in teaching kids about gun safety is the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program. message offers kids an easy way to remember the critical aspects of gun safety.

The Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program is widely embraced by generations of children and adults throughout he Pittsburgh region and remains one of the Allegheny County Sheriff Office’s most requested crime prevention programs.

Teaching kids in the presence of a firearm to “Stop! Don’t Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult,” allows the Allegheny Sheriff ’s Office to fulfill its commitment to educate children that firearms are not toys, and should never be handled by children.

The popularity of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program is of little surprise to the Allegheny County Sheriff ’s Office.

Since Eddie’s 1988 creation, local school administrators, teachers and parents have commended Eddie Eagle GunSafe for its life-saving message and children have delighted in the program’s fun and exciting mascot, Eddie Eagle. Having impacted thousands of kids throughout the years, Eddie Eagle is a well-known character of public safety in Allegheny County.

Kids are thrilled to see Eddie and are quickly able to recall the important safety message he represents. The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office strongly believes the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program has reduced the County’s number of gun-related accidents involving children and enthusiastically recommends the program to any organization dedicated to protecting the well-being of children.

Sheriff Mullen says, “The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office is proud to be affiliated with the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program, an initiative that has helped save the lives of young people across the country.”

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