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NRA Life of Duty's profile of Pinal County Sheriff Babeua & his men

Drugs seized by Pinal County Sheriff's Department in Arizona on NRA Life of Duty "My fellow American can't imagine what it's like to serve as a sheriff or a deputy in the number one county for the pass through of drugs and human smuggling in the entire nation."

That warning comes from Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeua. Sheriff Babeau and his men (especially the SWAT unit) were recently profiled on NRA's groundbreaking digital experience Life of Duty. Launched in 2011, NRA Life of Duty highlights heroes who go to work every day, protecting, defending and fighting for the safety of the general public. Heroes like the men and women of the Pinal County Sheriff's Department.

Their hometown, 75 miles north of the Mexican border, is a pivotal throughway for the Mexican drug cartels. It's Sheriff Babeau's job to stop it. Stopping what officials have said is the throughway for half of all illegal traffic coming into America. The odds appear to be against him.

"210,000 just last year alone were apprehended," said Babeau. "Border Patrol estimates that is probably a third of the traffic coming through."

In a county larger then the state of Connecticut, Babeau and his deputies are charged with the regular duties of every police department — traffic accidents, 911 calls, robberies and burglaries. But necessity dictates that they also take on a collection of Mexican narcotics cartels.

Confiscating thousands of pounds of drugs every year, the Pinal County Sheriff's Department is also a target for the cartels. With millions taken in drugs, vehicles and cash, they aren't making life easy for the cartels ... and the cartels do their best to return the favor.

Pinal County Sheriff's Deputies raid a Mexican Drug cartel safe house in Arizona

Learn more about Sheriff Babeau and the work of his Arizona-based Department at NRA Life of Duty.

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