By Kyle Jillson | October 18 2012 07:33

Friends of NRA is coming back to the Outdoor Channel for a third season in January

Friends of NRA Season 3 on the Outdoor Channel this January

Fairfax, Virginia - Matt and Jessie are coming back for another season this winter as Friends of NRA's third season debuts on the Outdoor Channel this January. Join the former Major League Baseball player and champion shooter as they team up to explore what makes the Friends of NRA an outstanding, grassroots fundraising organization.

Friends of NRA Season 3 on the Outdoor Channel this January

If you thought we'd covered everything Friends of NRA has to offer in the first two seasons, think again. This time out, Matt and Jessie aren't just traveling all around the United States, they're going international. You can expect even more ridiculous antics, nail biting competitions and heartwarming tales as our hosts go to Alabama, Missouri, Brazil, Oregon and so many other places. The dynamic duo will uncover brand new stories of individuals and communities leaving a legacy on the shooting sports.

Every year, thousands of volunteers help raise tens of millions of dollars for our nation’s shooting future. This money is then redistributed in grants for youth shooting teams, indoor and outdoor ranges, educational firearm programs and other important second amendment causes in their hometowns. None of this would be possible without these true friends of the NRA and Matt and Jessie are trying to meet as many as they can to bring us their life-changing stories.

Starting January 6, hop on the Friends of NRA truck with Matt and Jessie for another hilarious ride that will warm your heart and open your eyes to the far-reaching impact of a longstanding NRA program.


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