By Lars Dalseide | October 14 2012 08:29

From Law Enforcement in New Mexico to Dall Sheep in Alaska

Around this time last year, we spoke with Charles 'Tate' Moots about his sheep hunt. Moots comes out for a number of NRA's Tactical Police Competitions. While we were in New Mexico for the 2011 National Police Shooting Championships, he shared stories and pictures about hunting Dall Sheep off the Trident Glacier in Alaska.

Charles 'Tate' Moots and the Dall Sheep he bagged on the Trident Glacier in Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska - No matter how you start, hunting is rife with challenges. It's never as easy as aim and shoot. That may be the final step, but reaching that final step is what separates the would-be from the accomplished. Add the formidable Alaskan terrain into the mix and you might be biting off more than you can chew. Despite such a challenge, Charles Tate Moots, Tate to his friends, decided it was time to embrace the weather-beaten terra firma and go after one of his dreams — a Dall Sheep.

"A Dall was on my bucket list," explained Moots. "An opportunity came up and I jumped at it,".

But hunting Dall sheep entails more than throwing a rifle in your truck and heading to your favorite spot ... unless your favorite spot is somewhere along Alaska's Trident Glacier. Based in a mountain range almost a hundred miles south southeast of Fairbanks, the Trident is an unforgiving region of rock and ice. Getting there is an accomplishment all to itself.

Get the full story on the Alaskan Dall Sheep hunt here.

Or, if moose is more your speed, read about his follow up hunt for Alaskan Moose here!

Charles 'Tate' Moots standing atop a moose that he bagged south of Fairbanks, Alaska

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