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Smallbore Rifle teams win International Postal competitions

The 2012 Randle International Trophy Team at Camp Perry, Ohio during NRA championships

Port Clinton, Ohio - To steal a line from Hap Rocketto, the Americans scored a rare twofer this summer at during NRA's National Rifle & Pistol Championships in Camp Perry. With scores of 7834 and 3994-279x, teams of top American Smallbore rifle shooters won this year's Randle and Dewar Cup matches.

"I receiving an email from England saying that the United States had won both the Randle and the Dewar matches," said NRA National Rifle Manager Howard "H.Q." Moody. "That's just phenomenal because we haven't won them in almost ten years."

As Moody explained it, everything started back around the turn of the century with the Pershing and Lord Roberts matches. Teams would travel back and forth across the pond to compete on the international scale. Such an endeavor incurred quite a considerable expense even back then. It was ultimately decided that to split things up.

The British would come to America for the Pershing Match, and four years later, the Americans would travel to England for the Roberts. Flipping back and forth every four years.

"To keep the competition going in the off years, we use the Randle and Dewar Cup."

The Dewar Trophy International Match is made up of twenty man (and women) teams from English speaking countries. Each shoot forty shots at twenty, fifty and a hundred yards. The Randle Trophy International Match is open to teams of ten women from English speaking nation and shoots the same course of fire.

"They didn't just win them, they won them big," said Moody. "It's a real exciting thing to see because the Great Britain Rifle team will be coming to Camp Perry next summer to shoot the Pershing."

The 2012 Dewar International Trophy Team at Camp Perry, Ohio during NRA championships

America's 2012 Randle International Trophy Match team
Competitor Score
Katie Bridges 400-33x
Reya Kempley 400-32x
Virginia McLemore 400-30x
Nancy Tompkins 400-29x
Amy Fister 400-27x
Sarah Kramer 400-26x
Amanda McMullin 399-29x
Claudia Duksa 399-27x
Michelle Bohren 398-28x
Amanda Luoma 398-18x

America's 2012 Dewar International Trophy Match team
Competitor Score
Matthew Chezem 396
Joseph Hein 395
Reya Kempley 395
Justin Tracy 394
Tarl Kempley 394
Zachary Connell 393
Joe Farmer 393
Christopher Abalo 392
Michael Anti 392
Michael Seery 392
Stephen Anali 391
George Norton 391
Kevin Nevius 391
Remington Lyman 390
Kent Reeve 390
Garrett Spurgeon 390
Peter Church 389
Benjamin Swanson 389
Henry Gray 389
Mark Gould 389

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