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Think you're the best? See how you measure up against a few thousand people who feel the same way

NRA National Open Indoor Rifle Championships

Fairfax, Virginia - Did you know that the NRA's largest championship isn't Camp Perry, but the National Indoor Rifle & Pistol Championships?

Held each winter, the NRA National Indoor Championships give thousands of shooters the opportunity to compete with each other through sectional tournaments held during the winter and spring. Scores and targets of the top three competitors and top team from each sectional tournament are then mailed into NRA headquarters where everything is compiled and the national champions are announced.

The championships are open to anyone and everyone in the country. If you can make it to a sectional tournament, you're golden. And it's pretty hard not to be near at least one. There were almost 300 held last year and 177 are already signed up for 2013.

With so many sectionals and a pretty large window to compete in, there's little reason not to participate. The only way you could get closer to shooting out of the comfort of your own home is if you were stationed at Camp Perry.

Specifically, competitors have from Jan. 1 through March 18 for Open Sectionals, Jan. 1 through Feb. 12 for Collegiate Sectionals, and Jan. 1 through Apr. 15 for Junior Sectionals.

In a good sign of the shooting sports' health, the Junior International Air Gun Championship and the Junior 4 and 3-Position Championships have been the most popular championships in recent years and 2013 looks to be no exception. Of course there are plenty of shooters in every discipline, but the Indoor Championships are easier on junior shooters who find it much more difficult to take time off school and travel across the country like with other national championships.

The NRA also completely handles results online now. With scores accessible instantly from any location, you'll know who won as soon as we do.

The NRA National Indoor Championships are extremely easy to compete in and you're just in time to start preparing for next year. Give Competitive Shooting a call at (703) 267-1482 or e-mail the Rifle Department at and find out how to get in on the action. You can also contact them if your club or range is willing to host a sectional.

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