By Lars Dalseide | October 10 2012 13:51

After Discovery Channel stops, NRA staff has a chance at Gertrude

NRA Headquarters range staff with Military Channel Wil Willis, host of Triggers

Fairfax, Virginia - We're getting ever close to the Season 2 premier of Triggers: Weapons that changed the World. Broadcast on the Military Channel, Triggers puts classic firearms such as the M1 Garand, 1911 pistol and the AK-47 through a variety of tests and trials by host Wil Willis.

To beef up episodes for Season 2, cast and crew soldiered out to NRA Headquarters for a chance to shoot on the range. Accompanied by National Firearms Museum Senior Curators Phil Schreier and Doug Wicklund, they took aim at plates, jars, skeet and more on the range.

"It was great to have a nationally televised show come here to shoot on the range," said NRA Range Manager Michael Johns. "The guys really got a kick out of it.

Triggers host Wil Willis shots plates with a Browning Auto-5 at NRA Range

Favorites of museum and range staff varied between the Browning Auto 5 (which Willis is using in the above pics) and the Mosby Raider's Colt 1860 Army Model Percussion Revolver. But that all changed at the end.

"As a thanks for staying around, I thought the range staff should have the opportunity to fire Gertrude," said Schreier.

Gertrude is Phil's Maxim 1908 beltfed 08/15 light machine gun. Even though we were on the better part of 4 in the morning, there were plenty of volunteers to squeeze off a few.

"That was awesome," said one satisfied Range Officer. "That's the first and probably only time I'll have a chance to shoot something like that."

So keep an eye out for Triggers on the Military Channel later this fall. See if you can figure out where we played a part in the production.

NRA Range staff member shoots the Maxim 08/15 light machine gun at headquarters range

In February of 2014, the Military Channel relaunched on the Discovery networks as the American Heroes Channel. Though we are keeping the original name in the original posts, all links have been changed to reflect the new brand.
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