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National Junior Air Gun Championship brings 2012's air gun competition to an apex

NRA National Junior Air Gun Championship in Anniston, Alabama

Anniston, Alabama - This past June the National Junior Air Gun Championship was held in Anniston, Alabama at CMP South. Junior shooters from across the country came to stake their claim as the best with an air rifle.

The NJAGC rotates annually between Anniston and CMP North at Camp Perry, Ohio. In 2011 the championship introduced electronic target systems which utilized precise acoustic measurements to determine the exact locations of every shot. These systems were installed at both CMP locations and the championship finished its transition to electronic targets this year.

Already very popular in Europe, the electronic targets instantly relay scores back to shooters, coaches and competitors alike for ease of scorekeeping. As electronic targets grow in popularity here in the United States, we will begin seeing them pop up at ranges all over the country.

The NJAGC is more than an ordinary a championship, though. Featured over the multi-day event are training seminars on shooting for a college team, conditioning, the grant system, equipment maintenance and more.

But enough of that, you want to know who won. Here are this year's results:

    Precision Individual Championship

    Junior Olympic Individual Championship - Daniel Lowe, 1289.4 - 89
    Junior Olympic Individual Championship Overall - Alan Agnew, - 89
    Precision Class Non-Distinguished Ranking - Elizabeth Gratz, 1285.6 - 85

    Precision Team Championship

    Precision Scholastic Team Championship - CRPA/Sutter Union HS CA, 4676 - 302
    Precision Club Team Championship - MCGC Kats AL, 4655 - 286

    Precision Results Day 1

    Precision Individual, Day 1 Daniel Lowe, 595 - 45

    Precision Results Day 2

    Precision Individual, Day 2 - Sasha Perez, 593 - 45

    Precision Total Days 1 & 2

    Precision Class Final Start List - Daniel Lowe, 1187 - 89
    Precision Class Age Group Championships - Daniel Lowe, 1187 - 89

    Sporter Individual Championship

    Junior Olympic Individual Championship - Cody Sanchez, 1193.7 - 39
    Junior Olympic Individual Championship Overall - Rachael Schoenrock, - 51
    Sporter Class Non-Distinguished Ranking - Leigh Yarbrough, 1187.4 - 41

    Sporter Team Championship

    Sporter Scholastic Team ChampionshipKing George NJROTC VA4322 - 128
    Sporter Club Team ChampionshipCharles County 4H Shooting Sports MD4257 - 114

    Sporter Results Day 1

    Sporter Individual Day 1 - Rachael Schoenrock, 562 - 29

    Sporter Results Day 2

    Sporter Individual Day 2 - Leigh Yarbrough, 554 - 22

    Sporter Total Days 1 & 2

    Sporter Class Final Start List - Cody Sanchez, 1193.7 - 39
    Sporter Age Group Championship - Leigh Yarbrough, 1105 - 41

At the end of Day 1, the NRA National Air Gun Team was selected from the top 14 shooters in Sporter and the top 14 shooters in Precision. Their scores from the second day would go on to be used in the US-South African Postal Match.

South Africa's scores have just come in to the NRA and we'll be getting the results to you shortly. Keep checking back here on NRAblog to see which country came out on top.


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