By Kyle Jillson | October 6 2012 08:40

Ten-year volunteer helps children stay safe in the sunshine state

Florida's John Gluck is a ten year volunteer for the NRA's Eddie Eagle program

Law enforcement officers aren't the only people spreading Eddie Eagle's safety message across the country. This great article by Eddie Eagle Program Coordinator Katie McDermott highlights just one of the generous volunteers who give their time to ensure our children know what to do if they come across a firearm.

John Gluck of Seminole, Florida, has been a volunteer with the Eddie Eagle program for roughly ten years. During his tenure, he has reached over 200 children a year in his Florida community. He strives to get to as many schools, events, or other gatherings as he possibly can in order to get Eddie’s life-saving message out there to the public.

“It’s a fantastic program,” said Gluck. “We thank the Friends of NRA for all they do in order for us to receive the materials at no cost. I love the program.”

Each November, Gluck and a few colleagues discuss safety topics with children in the community as a part of the Great American Teach-In. Gluck makes sure every child walks away from the event remembering Eddie Eagle’s message. In addition to this event, Gluck also makes presentations for various groups in the community, including the local Boy Scouts group and the local PTA for Safety Day.

Having taught many children Eddie’s message over the years, Gluck is still driven by all of the positive feedback he receives. One of his fondest memories was a phone call from a mother of a local boy scout he had taught. The boy’s mother informed Gluck that her son had recently found an unattended firearm and remembered what to do. The scout recited Eddie’s safety message perfectly: If you see a gun, Stop! Don’t Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult. With stories like that, it’s easy for Gluck to stay active and reach as many local children as possible.

The Eddie Eagle Program greatly appreciates volunteers like Mr. Gluck for all his dedication and hard work he puts into getting Eddie’s message out to the community. With his help and the help of many others thousands of children will be reached with Eddie’s life-saving message.

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