By Lars Dalseide | October 5 2012 10:54

Unknown to many Americans, there are U.S. troops still stationed in Kosovo

If you're anything like me, then you probably consider yourself pretty well versed in world events. So it won't surprise you when I say that the United States still has troops in Kosovo. Yes, Kosovo. Today, more than 1,000 American troops are serving in this humanitarian, peace-keeping mission.

"The violence that has plagued Kosovo goes back generations. It goes back to ancient rivalries between the Albanians and the Serbs."

NRA's Life of Duty went to Kosovo earlier this year for their brand new Frontlines series with Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North. Anchored by Chuck Holton, the NRA LOD team takes a look at the men and women serving there today.

Their primary mission is to ensure the freedom of movement by all parties. A task that is more difficult then it may sound. Human trafficking, drugs and the poaching of natural resources are just a few of the issues they face.

To learn more, visit NRA's Life of Duty website for the tale of US Troops in Kosovo.

Lumber poachers cleared Kosovo hillside of valuable natural resources.

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