By Lars Dalseide | October 2 2012 17:06

Find out what firearms were used to win High Sheriff at the 2012 National Police Shooting Championships

Charles 'Chase' Blohm with his shotgun at the 2012 National Police Shooting Championships in New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico - The gentleman above with a shotgun in hand is Patrolman Charles "Chase" Blohm, Jr. of the Shelby County Sheriff's Office in Memphis, Tennessee. An eight year veteran of the force, Blohm is a Detective in the General Investigations Bureau. He is also the High Sheriff for the 2012 National Police Shooting Championships.

One thing Chase has learned throughout his years of competing for the Shelby County Pistol team is that you need a lot of guns to win a championship. For Chase, and shooters like him, sometimes that means you have to borrow a gun or two. Heck, when you're in the middle of getting your masters and your wife is going to law school, you might have to borrow even more.

So why are we talking about Chase? Because we're taking a closer look at his guns.

Much like last year's posts when we brought you the guns of 2011 National Police Shooting Champ Robert Vadasz (see below), this year we're focusing on the firearms of the 2012 National Police High Sheriff Chase Bloom. A walk through of his guns he used, how he performed and maybe a little about the man.

Some of the guns he owns, some of the guns belong to the department and some belong to fellow officers. One way or another, you're going to get a close up look at the Guns of the High Sheriff from 2012

The Guns of 4-Time National Police Shooting Champ Robert Vadasz (circa 2011)

A right profile of Vadasz's 1911 style 9mm Nowlin pistol

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