By Lars Dalseide | October 1 2012 10:42

Tactical Pry-Mate Knife meets and exceeds expectations of most

Fairfax, Virginia - If there's one thing you learn when you're out in the field it's that there's nothing like a good knife. A good blade, a good hold and a good look. The NRA's Tactial Pry-Mate Knife (manufactured by Mantis Knives) is all that and more.

The first thing that should jump out at you is the tip of the blade. Unlike the conventional pointy end, the Pry-Mate ends with a wedge. That means you can jab the tip into a paint can, tree or practically anything else and push. Do this with a standard knife and you're likely to break off the tip. But this baby was built for that kind of action. Put in the tip, apply pressure and wedge away.

Designed along with noted knife designer and special forces veteran Brent Beshara, the Pry-Mate comes with a titanium-nitride coated, chisel ground S-30V blade. And his patented BESH Wedge® design (a revolutionary knife grind composed of diagonally opposing bevels converging to create a third cutting edge) provides additional advantages including an easier sharpening procedure. Anything that makes that easier has to be a plus.

The 3 1/4" blade also folds into a handy bottle opener, is equipped with a titanium-nitride coated ambidextrous thumb stud and a bi-layered G-10 handles with recessed NRA Tactical logo. And just in case you find yourself in one of those "locked my keys in the car" situations, there's a glass breaker knob on the end.

Retailing for $89.95 (not including taxes, shipping and handling) the Tactical Pry-Mate Knife meets and exceeds the demands of most. Find out for yourself, today, at

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