By Lars Dalseide | September 29 2012 13:54

Norma Ammunition CEO Torbjörn Lindskog with NRA Past President Kayne Robinson at NRA Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - The National Firearms Museum is a magnet for American History buffs. Telling the tale of America's struggles and triumphs from the landing at Plymouth Rock to the Civil War to the battles in the Middle East, the Museum's displays illustrate our story and our use of firearms.

One history buff who made his way to the museum here in Fairfax is Norma Ammunition CEO Torbjörn Lindskog.

"Mr. Torbjörn is a life member of the NRA," said Deputy Executive Director Andrea Cerwinske. "He strongly suggested that a number of his executives joined as well."

Also serving as president of the Association of European Manufacturers of Sporting Ammunition, Torbjörn has been a strong supporter of the shooting sports for decades. But it was his fascination with John Wayne, and the American Civil War, the prompted the visit to the states.

"Yesterday he visited Manassas and tomorrow he's going to Gettysburg," Cerwinske said. "But today he wanted to view our collection, see if there were any favorites in the Hollywood Guns exhibit and shake a few hands here at headquarters."

The tour, provided by the always affable Senior Curator Phil Schreier, wound through the museum until ultimately winding up in the office of Museum Director Jim Supica. Once there, Supica pulled out one of the treasured items from his personal collection — a revolver owned by Jessie James.

"Very nice," said Torbjörn. "A great piece to end an outstanding tour."

Norma Ammunition CEO Torbjörn Lindskog with Jesse James' revolver

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