By Kyle Jillson | September 29 2012 08:47

High Woman, High Senior, the overall champion and more

From left to right: Dave Gullo, Director of NRA Competitive Shooting Dennis Willing, John Venhous and Match Director Jonathan Leighton

Raton, New Mexico - Creedmoor is NRA's oldest discipline. Going all the way back to the founding of the National Rifle Association, the name comes from land purchased back in Long Island, New York back in the 1870s — the Creed Farm.

The Long Range Black Powder match between the United States and Ireland at the brand new Creedmoor range drew a significant amount of attention to the shooting sports and eventually drew its name from the NRA's range.

Along with the match comes one of the NRA's oldest trophies, the Castle Trophy, which was originally awarded to the 25th Lanarkshire Volunteers by Lord Elcho for their win over England and Ireland in 1871.

The trophy was first contested at Creedmoor range several times in 1873. A noted inscription on the trophy reads: “Overall winners National Rifle Association of America 2nd Round” April 25, 1873.

Carrying on the legacy of that match, competitors fire 60 shots evenly between 800, 900 and 1,000 yards to determine the Creedmoor champion.

This year's title winner was Dave Gullo, a long-time black powder shooter who is now a five time Creedmoor Champ.

But Gullo wasn't the only winner at the match. Competitors received awards for placing first at each distance, during each day, for being high senior, high woman, the top shooter at each skill level, and more.

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