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Compton Hunting & Fishing Club's Friends of NRA Chairman raises big numbers

Southern California Friends of NRA Volunteer of the Year Frank McEnulty

We've another great Friends of NRA story from Senior Event Services Coordinator Nicole McMahon. This one is about Frank McEnulty, recent Southern California Volunteer of the Year award winner who heads up the Compton Hunting & Fishing Club (CHFC) Friends of NRA committee. 

There's a hidden gem in in the town of Compton, California; the Compton Hunting & Fishing Club. In 2011 their Friends of NRA committee's net proceeds more than doubled from about $20,000 to over $45,000. Attendance at their annual banquet had been steady since CHFC started the committee in 1999, so what caused it? Last year's jump couldn't have happened without CHFC club member and committee chairman Frank McEnulty.

"It is only through Frank’s commitment, courage, leadership, and sales skills that he not only gets people out there, but does so year after year,” said Southern California NRA Field Rep Mike Davis.

McEnulty’s service and dedication to the banquet earned him the 2011 Southern California Friends of NRA Volunteer of the Year Award. When McEnulty visited NRA Headquarters earlier this week, we asked, “How do you do it?” With a large grin on his face, he said, “It’s all about pre-event raffles and sponsorships. We have the second or third highest net per attendee in the country because we do about five pre-event raffles and we brought in 40 sponsorships.”

Southern California Friends of NRA Volunteer of the Year Frank McEnulty at the National Firearms Museum

For McEnulty, he has one significant reason for being involved with Friends of NRA—The NRA Foundation grant program. Aware that half the money raised at Friends of NRA banquets remains in the area where the event was held, McEnulty strives to ensure the money raised is used primarily for youth programs. “If we don’t keep kids involved in the shooting sports there won’t be a reason for the Second Amendment,” said McEnulty. “It simply would not exist.”

During his visit to NRA Headquarters, McEnulty made a stop at the National Firearms Museum and the NRA Range. While at the museum, McEnulty observed filming of the television show NRA’s Guns & Gold, a series on the Sportsman Channel “featuring everyday people who discover their old firearm is worth much more than they image—and where others will learn it has only sentimental value,” as expressed on its website Although McEnulty didn’t have the opportunity to shoot at the NRA Range, he spoke with Range Manager Michael Johns and compared range and gun laws in Virginia to those in California, which can be a lengthy conversation of its own. While at the range, McEnulty got to see the No. 1 Bass Pro Shops Chevrolet, a car that was specially made to highlight the new NRA Museum that is set to open at the flagship Bass Pro Shops store in Springfield, Missouri in early 2013.

After spending an afternoon with McEnulty, Friends of NRA headquarters staff could see why this charismatic volunteer can raise so much money in an area no one thought would do well. “You know, I bet you no other Friends of NRA volunteer has ever run for president,” McEnulty mentioned while departing the NRA Range. “I ran for president in 2008 and came in ninth place.” We believe it! Any volunteer who can turn a Friends of NRA banquet around in one of the toughest parts of the country has shown leadership worthy of any presidential contender.

Want to attend CHFC's next Friends of NRA event? You're going to have to wait until June 2013, but you'll be sure to meet McEnulty and all the other committee members there. Contact NRA Field Rep Mike Davis at (714) 368-0451 or to learn more about CHFC's banquet and all the others in Southern California too.

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