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Momentum brings Border Patrol Agent 4th NRA title in New Mexico

Robert Vadasz shoots bullseyes at NRA National Police Shooting Championship 2012

Albuquerque, New Mexico - When it comes to the National Police Shooting Championships, there has never been a more successful Border Partol Agent then Robert Vadasz. And it's difficult to believe that an Agent has ever reached these heights with such a cool demeanor. Probably something to do with his performance earlier in the season.

"This year I've shot some of my best scores ever," said Vadasz. "I broke the 3,000 aggregate that Clay Tippet held. That was a five down on a 3,000 aggregate. I got a five down but did better in Xs. And Bianchi Cup was good too. It taught me some lessons about no matter how bad you start doesn't mean that that's how you're going to finish.

"It was a trying match."

Trying can be good. Being pushed. Being tested. Developing the wherewithal to take home the title.

Ready to win NRA Police Championships in Albuquerque

One the cusp of winning his fourth National Title, Robert roamed the halls of vendor row with members of his team. Inspecting products, talking hog hunting in Florida and making fun of each other's performance, Robert Vadasz smiling during National Police Shooting Championship team awards at the Shooting Range Park in Albuquerquethere was only an hour or so left before the final matches began. There was little, if any, sign of concern.

"Coming here it seemed that I was ready," explained Vadasz. "Ready to do what I know how to do without getting too stressed out about it."

Not too stressed to fire a 6159-410x — the highest overall aggregate score on record. An accomplishment that holds a special significance to Robert.

"Individually it's awesome. I'm proud to be a shooter for the Border Patrol and be part of the history that is the Border Patrol National Pistol Team. It's been around for a long time and part of this sport since the beginning.

"To accomplish something that none of the great Border Patrol shooters who came before me were able to do. Being the first is important to me."

Setting an example for shooters young and old

It's not just about individual achievement. Much like the tennis players of old who played doubles and Davis Cup to improve their game and represent their country, Vadasz lends his talents to the team matches as well. Winning there, as he did yesterday afternoon in the two and four man matches, adds to his overall experience and brings home more hardware for the Border Patrol. 

All in all it's about sending a message. Setting an example. Showing what can be done.

"This is for the people who are part of our history, who started the teams, that we're still here representing the service and doing what they trained us to do. It's also for the younger shooters, the new shooter. To say that this is what you can accomplish if if you open your mind to the possibilities, work hard and be aggressive about it."

Robert Vadasz shows his empty rounds at NRA National Police Shooting Championship in New Mexico

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