By Kyle Jillson | September 20 2012 14:55

Tandem shooting on the last day of NPSC in New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico - The last day of the NRA National Police Shooting Championships is devoted to team matches and the last one has just wrapped up. While we wait for results to be posted and the official close of the 50th NPSC, here's some video from earlier.

Like the individual championship, team matches accommodate both semi-automatic pistols and revolvers. Each match shoots the National Police Course, beginning at seven yards and shooting from as far back as 50 yards. There is no grand aggregate for an overall team champion so each team match is its own championship.

Above is footage from Stage 2 of the Open Class Semi-Auto Championship for two-man teams. In this stage, competitors fire 18 double action shots from 25 yards out, using one or two hands.

The 18 shots are broken up into six each from the following three positions:

  • Kneeling, using the barricade for cover and support
  • Standing left hand from behind the barricade
  • Standing right hand from behind the barricade

Competitors have 90 seconds to complete this stage, including time spent reloading for subsequent six-shot strings. Also, the barricade MUST be used for cover and support.

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