By Lars Dalseide | September 19 2012 17:33

Final shots on National Trophies before NRA Police Awards Banquet

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Today marked the end of the 2012 National Police Shooting Championship's individual matches. For those of you who left before the final scores were posted ... you'll have to wait until tomorrow. One thing you won't have to wait for is another look at Championship Trophies ... as long as you're going to tonight's Award's Banquet.

That's where you'll see the Justin Hurst Memorial, Lt Francis J. McGee, Walter Weaver Memorial Trophy and more. For after you left the Shooting Park Range this afternoon, NRA staff brought out the big metal cases and secured the trophies for travel. It's not as easy as it looks.

Picking up the Trophy, packing it safe and securing it to the truck for NRA's National Police Shooting Championship

"They're a lot heavier then you think," said one volunteer. "Some of those trophies are solid bronze. Very heavy."

With everything in the back of the truck, and the volunteers in the front, the goods were transported to the host hotel in downtown Albuquerque. Along the way, you couldn't help but notice a few other Law Enforcement favorites.

And if you're not sure what I mean, well, you'll have to go back to Texas for that one.

Hope to see you tonight!

Cows grazing along the road to the Shooting Range Park in Albuquerque

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