By Kyle Jillson | September 18 2012 10:32

Finishes National Police Shooting Championships' Semi-Auto leg strong with a perfect score

Oakland County, Michigan's pistol team at the NRA National Police Shooting Championships

Albuquerque, New Mexico - The results of yesterday's Stock Semi-Auto Championship are in and a US Border Patrol shooter is at the top, but it isn't Vadasz. Kevin Worrell took this championship's title after shooting a perfect 480-37 - just 11 x's shy of a really perfect 480-48x.

Worrell's teammates Douglas Goff, Robert Vadasz and Enoch Smith came in second, third and fourth with scores of 480-36x, 479-42x and 479-36x respectively.

National Police Shooting Championships competitors fire a barricade stage in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Robert Barnes of the LAPD rounded out the top five with a 479-33x.

Despite the one point slip, Vadasz is still comfortably in first for the overall National Police Shooting title.

Day two is the revolver's time to shine. Everything starts with the Open Revolver 1500 aggregate. We'll see how everyone's doing in just a bit.

2012 National Police Shooting Championships
Distinguished Semi-Auto Championship
Kevin Worrell U.S. Border Patrol 480-37x
2 Douglas Goff U.S. Border Patrol 480-36x
3 Robert Vadasz U.S. Border Patrol 579-42x
4 Enoch Smith US Border Patrol 479-36x
5 Robert Barnes LAPD 479-33x

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