By Lars Dalseide | September 17 2012 13:31

Albuquerque, New Mexico - At NRA's Tactical Police Competitions in Albuquerque, some of the courses call for shotguns, some rifles and others only pistols. But Stage One at the weekend's event called for all three.

Shotgun finds it's mark at NRA's tactical police competition 3-gun in Albuquerque

Starting with a pistol, competitors engage targets from two separate firing points before switching to shotgun. After eight shots (any more and there's a procedural penalty), it's time for twenty-six shots from the rifle through a number of different obstacles.

Finding the steel target like 3-gun with a pistol in NRA's tactical police competition in New Mexico

Switching back to pistol, it's a long row of friend and foe targets to work through until finally taking on the little men cast in steel.

This one was a heart breaker.

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