By Lars Dalseide | September 9 2012 08:02

Fairfax Tactical Police Competition running the shotgun course

Getting around corners, identifying your target and clearing the room are just some of skills our competitors put on display during an NRA Tactical Police Competition. With only three left on this year's calender (in New Mexico during the National Police Shooting Championships, in New Hampshire on October 20 and in San Antonio on November 3), your opportunities to take part in these matches are dwindling. Fear not, however, as there are only two things you need to do to compete: be an active (or retired) law enforcement officer and drive to the match.

For there you will experience a challenge unlike any other. A true simulation of real-life situations that have been researched and recreated by former law enforcement officers here at the NRA ... much like the competition held here in Fairfax this summer.

Fairfax Tactical Police Competition on the pistol course

With more than 100 participants in this year's match, here's how the top five fared in the Tactical and Patrol Divisions:

2012 Fairfax TPC — Tactical Division
Frisch ICE 453.71
2 Groff Manheim Borough PD 454.39
3 Spalding ICE 461.48
4 Duckworth Postal OIG 465.82
5 Clevenger York County Sheriff's 474.76

Fairfax Tactical Police Competition - steel and clay targets

2012 Fairfax TPC — Patrol Division
Binkley Omnisec 399.87
2 Swinford Montgomery Co. PD 436.59
3 Scroggins Omnisec 439.89
4 Cates Durham PD 462.95
5 Talbert Richmond City PD 477.16
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