By Kyle Jillson | September 5 2012 13:46

NRA High Power Rifle sponsor talks with competitors and hands out bullets

Nosler's Mason Payer hands a lucky competitor a box of Custom Competition bullets at the NRA High Power Rifle Championships

Port Clinton, Ohio - Competitors were not alone as they traveled from the firing line to the pits and back again during the NRA High Power Rifle Championship's four-day 2400 aggregate. Nosler, who sponsors Camp Perry's High Power leg, was present in Ohio and had come bearing gifts to make everyone's day a little better.

Nosler's Director of Public Relations, Zach Waterman, and Assistant Director Mason Payer showed up to Lake Erie's infamous ranges with boxes upon boxes of their Custom Competition bullets and they didn't want to take any home. Competitor numbers were pulled at random throughout the championships for the opportunity to pluck a box of high quality bullets.

Don't get me wrong ... these were not prizes for the winners. There was no special catch for eligibility. The only requirement was that you were shooting in the championships. That's all you needed for a chance to win.

"It was a great opportunity for Nosler to sponsor and attend the 2012 NRA High Power Championships where the best shooters from around the world come to participate," Waterman told us while handing out bullets on the high power rifle championships' rainy third day. "This event really is something to behold, where like-minded individuals from around the globe come together and compete at such a high level.”

Nosler's Director of Public Relations Zach Waterman (left) and Assistant Director of Public Relations Mason Payer (right) at the NRA High Power Rifle Championships

You could even call Camp Perry the highest level. If you're a high power shooter and want to test your skills against the best, you come to the NRA National Rifle and Pistol Matches. After witnessing the High Power Championships, there is no doubt that the shooter standing atop the podium deserves to be there.

But Nosler wasn't just there to hand out bullets and watch the championships. They were there for more. To speak with with competitors and find out what they were looking for when it came to Nosler ammunition.

"We received great feedback from the competitors on Nosler’s product performance and what they’re looking for in future product releases," Waterman said.

Competitors are the ones putting Nosler bullets to the test, so they know what they're talking about.

And it's great that Nosler is listening, because that can only end up benefiting you.

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