By Kyle Jillson | August 30 2012 13:48

$40,000 worth of gear given out to NRA competitors in New Mexico

The NRA Black Powder Target Rifle Championship featured a prize table worth $40,000

Raton, New Mexico - NRA's Black Powder Target Rifle Championships had a lot of great sponsors and it really showed in the prize table.

But the way black powder does its prizes is a little different. Only the winning team of the Creedmoor Match, the High Shooter and High Spotter, receive a prizes in addition to their awards - a beautiful rifle and Leupold scope respectively.

All the other prizes are handed out raffle-style the day before the awards ceremony. There were stacks of Pelican cases, Oakley M Frame glasses, Hornady Sonic Cleaners, Otis cleaning kids and so much more. After everything had been unpacked there was $40,000 worth of merchandise sitting on the table and every shooter was going to walk away with a haul worth anywhere from their match fee to far exceeding it.

Names were entered for the number of black powder matches you were shooting in that year. (e.g. If you were shooting Position, Prone and Creedmoor, your name went in three times.)

When all was said and done, the black powder match staff had gone through the names almost three whole times.

Shooting mats, Blade-Tech knives, black powder containers, $500 gift certificates, almost every shooter had an armful of items.

"This couldn't have gone better," Match Director Jonathan Leighton said. "Everyone's eyes lit up when they saw what we had for them and that anyone could win. I hope to make the table even larger next year."

With all the great prizes, friendly shooters, beautiful weather, and fun shooting, there's no reason not to make it out to the NRA Whittington Center next September for the NRA Black Powder Target Rifle Championships.

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