By Lars Dalseide | August 27 2012 10:38

Learn size, shape and performance with NRA Gun Guide app

Apple iTunes now has the NRA Ultimate Guide Guide for rifles, shotguns and pistols Fairfax, Virginia - I have to admit, morphing from a Microsoft to a Mac guy has opened a lot of doors. It's easier to correct photos, edit videos, and now thanks to the folks over at NRA E-Media ... it's easier to get the specs on your favorite gun.

That's because the new NRA Ultimate Gun Guide for iPads has arrived. What good is that? How about this:

You're walking through a gun show and spot that new pistol from Smith & Wesson. You're filled with questions but the guy behind the table is busy with another customer. No problem. Just whip out the NRA Gun Guide, enter the firearm name and all the details will be resting there at your fingertips.

With more than 600 recently introduced and current-production rifles, pistols and shotguns in the database (hoping to hit 1,000 by the end of the year), it's the perfect mobile tool for all of your firearm research needs. And with the crew from NRA E-Media constantly working to update the data, you know the info is reliable.

So you have an iPhone but not an iPad? Not a problem. Just because the team working on the NRA Gun Guide iPad app was a little faster then then team working on the iPhone version doesn't mean it'll never appear. Only means you'll have to wait a little longer. And why not?

We're talking instructional videos, tips on used firearms, product pictures and more.

$2.99. For $2.99, the NRA Ultimate Gun Guide will be yours. Consider the offer, recognize the benefit and get yours today.

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