By Lars Dalseide | August 27 2012 07:20

Fans of the Canadian Rifle Team looking on the America Match at Camp Perry 2012

Ottawa, Ontario - Have you been keeping a watchful eye upon the Canadian Fullbore Championships up at the Connaught Ranges in Ottawa? If you're a fan of the long range rifle, then you should be. Though we've been concentrating on NRA's Creedmore Championships this past week, that doesn't mean we haven't been keeping one ear fixated on the Canadian tundra. How else are we going to keep tabs on how those who compete in NRA events are doing after leaving the fields of Camp Perry?

Most our information comes from the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association website (they have a plethora of scores and rundowns available), but a few reports have trickled down the pipeline. Here's a little of what we've learned:

  • David Luckman is still burning up long range rifles by winning the Grand Aggregate, the H.E. Governor General’s Prize, the President's, the Maple Leaf and a host of other titles.
  • The Great Britain Rifle team walked away with the Canada Match.
  • Des Vamplew of Scarborough, Ontario lined up a number of wins himself by taking the Selection Aggregate, the Champlain Aggregate and the Commonwealth Games Trial.

James Watson and Parag Patel of the Great Britain Rifle Team at Camp Perry during 2012 NRA America Match

Our congratulations goes out to Luckman, Vamplew, members of the Great Britain Rifle team and all the others who experienced success both at NRA's Long Range High Power Rifle Championships and the Canadian Fullbore Championships. That includes Aubrey from Australia, the Chou brothers from Canada, Hirao and Matsuno of the Japan Rifle team along with USA's John Frigugliett to name a few.

While it's always a pleasure to win, the important thing to focus on is the experience. Getting out there and taking a turn behind the trigger. Supporting the Shooting Sports, whether here in America or abroad, benefits everyone. And if you happen to finally discover how to read that nagging heat plume or cross wind, all the better.

David Luckman of Great Britain Rifle Team during Shootoff at NRA Long Range Rifle 2012 Championships

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