By Lars Dalseide | August 26 2012 08:27

Side events from Crimson Trace and others add fun to 3-Gun

Julie Golob at Rockcastle/ 3-gun pro am in Park City, Kentucky

Park City, Kentucky - At this weekend's Rockcastle/ 3-Gun Pro-Am, you're sure to see a number of shooting celebrities making their way through the eight challenging courses. And if you can pull yourself away from tables and side events set up by the sponsors, you might be able to pick up a few tricks of the trade at their Pro Clinics. But there's more

For mixed among the weekend's competitors are a group of veterans. Wounded Warriors who sacrificed greatly for our country. One example which we see in the photo below (again, all photos from the 3-Gun Pro Am come courtesy of Magpul Industries).

Wounded Warrior sponsored by DPMS on a side match course at Rockcastle/ 3-gun pro am in Park City, Kentucky

Ready, willing and able to give the course their best, these soldiers are here to show they still have the goods. At side matches, like the ones hosted by TNVC, AAC, and Crimson Trace, they did nothing short of dazzle the crowd.

In recognition of their achievements, they gathered on the Rockcastle grounds for a presentation. What you see below are Duane Liptak of Magpul Industries along with Joe DeBergalis of the NRA Board of Directors and Rockcastle staff. Just prior to that photo, Duane presented NRA "Life of Duty" American Warrior awards to those who have been featured on Life of Duty.

Just another benefit of making your way to Kentucky this weekend.

 NRA 'Life of Duty' American Warrior award winners at Rockcastle/ 3-gun pro am in Park City, Kentucky

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