By Kyle Jillson | August 24 2012 07:32

Exceptional shooting to clench top spot at NRA Whittington Center

Jack Odor wins NRA's 2012 Black Powder Rifle championships in Raton, New Mexico - Dennis Willing on left

Raton, New Mexico - Jack Odor had a narrow lead going into the last day of the Black Powder Target Rifle Prone Championship.

He started out good, but it wasn't good enough. Despite shooting a 99 at 200 yards, both Mike Rix and Mark Hipes fired 100s to close within one of him. But at 300 yards Odor was able to pad his lead, by four with Hipes and one on Rix.

Although shooters like Keith Lay and the Position Champion Chip Mate were matching or doing better than Odor's Day Two scores, they had more ground to cover and Odor needed only to stay the course in order to walk home with a trophy.

And stay the course was exactly what he did, firing a 94 at 600. Neither Chip Mate, who started the day three points behind Odor, nor Keith Lay, who started seven behind, could get enough points to catch up.

Watching the 2012 NRA Black Powder Rifle Championships in Raton, New Mexico

For his exceptional shooting over the two-day NRA Black Powder Target Rifle Prone Championship, Jack Odor received the 2012 title with a final aggregate of 583-14x.

An awards ceremony for Black Powder Mid-Range was held immediately after the final relay, where the new Director of NRA Competitive Shooting, Dennis Willing, made a special appearance and handed out medals.

Willing arrived at the NRA Whittington Center two days ago and intends to observe the Black Powder matches and visit with competitors to evaluate not only how the matches are conducted, but their future.

With the Creedmoor Championship starting up today, Match Director Jonathan Leighton had a little something planned for Willing, a quadruple distinguished shooter, that would give him intimate knowledge of the match environment, he was going to squad him. Thanks to generous shooters willing to offer their equipment and time, NRA's Dennis Willing will shoot for this weekend's Creedmoor Championship.

When they head the news, the shooters got excited and began to crack jokes about how he can't win or else he'd raise suspicion.

"I don't think you have to worry about me beating any of you," Willing said with a smile. "I haven't shot 1,000-yard in 20 years."

Congratulations Jack, on winning this year's Prone Championship and welcome to the 2012 NRA Creedmoor Championships.

We'll see how rusty Dennis really is this morning.

Black Powder Mid-Range Prone Championship
Place Competitor Score
1       Jack Odor 583-14x
2       Chip Mate 578-20x
3       Keith Lay 577-11x
4       Terry York 575-17x
5       Dave Gullo 574-17x


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