By Lars Dalseide | August 21 2012 07:44

Official USMC photo by Staff Sgt. G. S. Thomas
NRA Youth Programs Program Coordinator Samantha Olsen was recently contacted by Jeff Nass in Wisconsin regarding the 9th Annual Armed Forces Camps. It sounded like such a great event that we asked if he could send us more on the event ... here's what we received:

The 9th Annual Armed Forces Camps were again a great success for the Marine Recruits (Poolee’s) here in Wisconsin. Every signed recruit in the 9th Marine Corps District is offered the chance to participate in the program. This year, 419 Poolees signed up. Since its inception in 2004, almost 4,000 recruits have made their way through the Camps.

To begin the day, recruits receive an updated classroom program on firearms safety, sight alignment, trigger control, nomenclature, and basic operation of the M16 type rifle. They then make their way to the range, load and fire 25 rounds of 5.56 x 45 ammunition.

Camps this year were held at a number of different locations including the Beloit Rifle and Pistol Club, Duane L. Corbin Shooting Range (Wausau, WI), LaCrosse Rifle Club, Nicolet Rifle Club (Green Bay), Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club, and Stone Bank Sportsmen’s Club (Ashippun). Stone Bank just happens to be the place where the program originated. It is also the home of Heritage Shooting.

Each location uses high quality, commercially reloaded ammunition thanks to the good people at Dicks Gun Shop in New Holstein, Wisconsin. The majority of the funding, as you might guess, comes through the NRA Foundation — specifically the Wisconsin Friends of NRA and Block Grant Program.

The computer work, range preparation, coaching, and cleaning of the rifles are all handled by a 100% volunteer civilian workforce. They pitch in to help the young men and women who choose to serve our great nation. These volunteers look forward to working with the U.S. Marines each year to help future groups of Poolees receive this valuable opportunity and training.

This training will benefit every "Poolee" immensely. It introduces them to the firearm they'll use in basic training and throughout their military career. The NRA will be offering a program based on this event &mash; maybe even nationally.

Wisconsin FORCE would like to thank all who have contributed to the continued success of this worthwhile program.

Thanks for the update Jeff! Here's to continued success for #10 next year.

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