By Lindsey J. Morgan | August 12 2012 18:00

Shoot-off for Day 2 Complete at NRA National Long Range Championships

Port Clinton, Ohio- The second day of the Long Range High Power Championships is complete. The last event of the day was the shoot-off for the Leech Cup, Porter Trophy, Andrus Trophy and NRA Freedom matches. The high-scoring competitor from each relay for each of these matches participated in the shoot-off. Competitors shot side-by-side using Any, Service, Palma and F-Class rifles. The competitor with the highest shoot-off score would win their individual match, regardless of the preliminary results prior to the shoot-off. A congratulations goes out to Nancy Tompkins, winner of last year's Leech Cup, who dominated the entire shoot-off with an excellent score of 100-8x.

Nancy Tompkins wins day two shoot-off of Long Range Championships

With her amazing score of 100-8x, Nancy Tompkins easily took the Leech Cup Match win again. Tompkins was extremely proud of how she shot and was amazed at the other competitors scores who participated in this year's day two shoot-off. "These are definitely some of the highest scores I have ever seen in a shoot-off here [at the National Long Range Championships]," we overheard Tompkins say. And she is definitely right. Just in her match alone, SSG Tyrel Cooper and SGT Sherri Gallagher both shot 100-6x.

CPT Christopher Abalo wins Porter Trophy Match

CPT Christopher Abalo of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit took the Porter Trophy Match win after firing a 99-3x with the Service rifle. This is the first year for CPT Abalo to shoot long-range at Camp Perry for the USAMU. CPT Abalo won the 2012 NRA's Smallbore Rifle Prone Championship a few weeks ago, so after today, one can agree that he is a great prone competitor with any rifle. CPT Abalo was extremely proud of today's results and explained: "Today will be one of my most memorable days of shooting. To shoot along side the best long range shooters in the country and the world is truly an honor."

Great Britain's Chris Watson wins Andrus Trophy Match

Chris Watson, of the Great Britain team, won the Andrus Trophy Palma rifle match with his 100-6x shoot-off finish. Watson's fellow teammate David Luckman was close behind with a 100-5x score. United States competitors are definitely beginning to keep an eye on the international shooters after their successful first two-day finishes. 

Competitor and his F-Class rifle during the NRA's Freedom Match Shoot-off

The NRA Freedom Match 703 and 707 are shot with an F-Class Rifle and competitors have the option of supporting the rifle with a rear and/or front rest or with a bipod and/or sling and rear rest. David Bailey took the win in the Open 703 Match after a shoot-off performance of 99-4x. A tie-breaking shoot-off was required in the T/R 707 match after Daniel Polabel and Nikolos Taylor both shot 97-2x scores. After the tie-breaker, Daniel Polabel became the winner of the NRA Freedom 707 Match. 

Congratulations for all competitors who were able to make it to the shoot-off and especially to those competitors who won today's matches. 

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