By Lars Dalseide | August 11 2012 18:27

Northern Ireland's David Calvert tops day one of NRA Match

Northern Ireland's David Calvert at NRA Long Range High Power Rifle match in Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - Day One at NRA's Long Range High Power Rifle Championships ended before the actual end. How's that? Because the actual end of the day's competition included a shoot off for the Mustin and Band of Brothers matches. Though exciting enough to draw a sizable crowd, shoot-off scores are not included in the overall tally — they only determine the match winner. Sort of the same way it works in the Olympics. We'll get more into that later.

Top of the rifle charts as the sun goes down is David Calvert with a 400-22x. Who's David Calvert? Why David is a member of Great Britain's shooting team. Seems the man came all the way across the ocean and half way across the United States to pluck first day honors right out of the cherry tree. Quite the feat. And much like his empty cartridge, he's hanging on tight.

For those of you wondering how our boys and girls from the good old USA are doing … pretty darn well. We've got a junior shooter only a few Xs behind Calvert, a handful of past Long Range High Power Rifle champions a single point behind Calvert and a whole bunch of hopefuls just another point or two down the line.

Day one leader at NRA's 2012 Long Range High Power championship - David Calvert - in Camp Perry, Ohio

When you're shooting an NRA Long Range Rifle match, never forget ...

Things to remember — it's only day one. Leads and leaders here at the NRA Championships change about as often as the weather. So if there's a man (or a woman) and a rifle you're pulling for then there's no need for histrionics. Three more days of competition means there's plenty of room to roam before the trophies are engraved.

Second — the homefield advantage is an advantage for a reason. Having a history with the wind, the heat, the plums and everything else that'll play havoc with a rifle shot could make the difference once all is said and done.

Third — as of date/time of publication, all scores are preliminary.

Finally — the man can shoot. The folks running things at the Long Range High Power Rifle shop over in Great Britain did't put Calvert on the team for nothing. He has the skills, the experience and the fortitude to take the whole shooting match.

I can't wait to see what happens next.


Tompkins Trophy Match — NRA Match 500
Place Competitor Score
1       David Calvert 400-22x
2       Waylon Burbach 400-19x
3       John Whidden 399-26x
4       Bryan Litz 399-21x
5       Michelle Gallagher 399-18x

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