By Lars Dalseide | August 4 2012 08:28

NRA Smallbore shooters walk through the lines at National Championship in Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - The morning started with rain. No big deal. The men and women, boys and girls who venture out to Camp Perry for NRA's National Smallbore Rifle Championships are use to dealing with rain. Besides, Smallbore shooters fire from under a cover – or canopy – of sorts. The only thing that tends to suffer from the smallbore downpours are the targets. Unless there's wind.

Creedmore sports flag flutters during NRA Smallbore Championships

NRA Officials tell us that if the flags fly straight then the wind is blowing at least twenty miles an hour. At least. The way these flags flew ... it was way more then twenty miles an hour.

NRA Smallbore shooters saw wind blow targets down range at Camp Perry

"Oh I bet its reaching thirty or so," said one Block Officer. "That's why you see those tears and rips in those flags. It's going pretty good. And it's really going to play havoc with those small caliber shots I promise you that."

Smallbore shooter chases NRA target at Camp Perry

Three position also meant that competitors had to contend with the different levels of wind — Standing, Kneeling and Prone. The higher up you go, the more wind a shooter encounters. Not the thing you want to think about when shooting from three different heights.

"He's shot in rain and wind before, but nothing like this," grinned a parent from New York. "Bet there weren't many records broken that day."

Ohio weather adds to NRA Smallbore challenges

Camp Perry wind forces NRA competitor to give chase

But at least the wind provided comedic breaks between relays. As competitors headed out to chance targets, one would invariably slip away. Dancing and dodging from gust to gust, the targets skimmed along the grass as their owners haphazardly gave chase. Funny to all ... until they dropped a target of their own.

Rain, heat and wind. There's always another challenge to be found here at Camp Perry.

NRA Competitor steps on target that flew away in the Ohio wind

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