By Kyle Jillson | August 3 2012 10:46
Thomas Csenge accepts his Metric Position title from NRA Board Member Walt Walters

Just prior to Camp Perry's Smallbore Position Championships, the NRA held its Metric Championship at the Wa-Ke-‘Da Rifle Range in Bristol, Indiana.

Begun in 2010, the Metric Championship ends just before Camp Perry's smallbore phase begins and is seen by many shooters as a way to get some extra practice in before the National Championships.

"The NRA National Metric Championship is one of the most enjoyable NRA Tournaments I work with," said H.Q. Moody, NRA's Rifle Manager and the match's director. "The facility's high quality is matched only by the level of competition."

Unlike Camp Perry, the Metric Championships allow only a limited number of shooters to compete. A total of 200 shooters may sign up for each of the Position and Prone championships.

Keep watch on the championships' website for news about the 2013 match and get ready to sign up fast.

Let's see who won this year:

In the Position Championship, Kentucky Wildcats shooter Thomas Csenge took first with a 2288-77x out of a potential 2400. Garrett Spurgeon placed second, shooting a 2287-84x and Camp Perry's Position champion, Tarl Kempley, rounded out third with a 2266-83x.

The Metric Prone Championship saw Nancy Tompkin, a smallbore shooting legend, take it all with a 2337-101x, followed by Garrett Spurgeon's 2333-115x and Kevin Nevius's 2328-96x.

Here's the breakdown of the team champions:


First: The K Team 4524-145x
Tarl Kempley 2266-83x
Reya Kempley 2258-62x

Second: PA Shooting Academy 4483-118x
Kaitlyn Wilson 2250-73x
Wesley Robinson 2233-45x

Third: ISRPA 4325-89x
Sarah Nakata 2220-59x
Rick Arnold 2105-30x


First: US National Team - Palma 4648-195x
Kevin Nevius 2328-96x
David Cloft 2320-99x

Second: Western Wildcats Women 4643-192x
Nancy Tompkins 2337-101x
Virginia McLemore 2306-91x

Third: Very Old and Very Young 4638-206x
Katie Bridges 2320-108x
Joe Farmer 2318-98x

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