By Lars Dalseide | August 3 2012 16:43

Crossbow on display at the POMA conference in Tunica

Tunica, Mississippi - You can't get a group of Outdoor Media professionals together without talking gear. That's why POMA officials always make sure to bring out the best gear on the market for their Product Showcase.

Top Outdoor optics, cookware and gear at POMA Conference

With everyone from Aimpoint to Alpen, Bronwnells to Bushnell as well as the Cooking Chef put out their best for the outdoor media to review. So you might be asking what's the point? What good does it do to take a look at the goodies and gear if you can't take them out for a spin? (Oh yea, Dodge brought out a few Ram Trucks as well.) That's what today is for.

All of the images you see below are part of what we were allowed to play with. Stoves, binoculars, trucks and airguns (oops, that's tomorrow) were all going full throttle in the Mississippi mud. I'd write more, but there's a new Ram Outdoorsman truck waiting for me to put a little dirt in the wheel wells.

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