By Lars Dalseide | August 2 2012 19:09

Remington Rolling Block Rifle at the National Firearms Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - The first gun donated to the NRA National Firearms Museum was a Remington. An 1874 Remington Rolling Block Rifle to be exact. And she, along with Senior Curator Phil Schreier and NRANews Executive Producer John Popp, are the stars of tonight's Curator's Corner.

"It's a .59-.90 ... a very big caliber," explained Schreier. "The Remington Rolling Block gets it name rolling block from the type of action. You bring the hammer back and then the lock rolls back, you put the cartridge in and it hits the firing pin."

With a silver plated receiver and barrel, this baby was engraved by one of the top engravers in the 19th Century ... L.D. Nimschke.

Remington Rolling Block Rifle's silver plated receiver at the National Firearms Museum

"This was the very first gun in our collection," said Schreier. "From this small acorn grew into a museum that displays nearly 3,000 firearms in 15 galleries."

To get the rest of the skinny on this Remington Rolling Block, make sure to tune tonight to NRANews as Schreier sheds some light on one of the might 3,000. Well, nearly 3,000.

Remington Rolling Block Rifle from the barrel down at the National Firearms Museum

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