By Lars Dalseide | July 19 2012 17:02

Royal Canadian Flying Corps 1911

Finding the perfect gun for Curator's Corner is quite a daunting task. Sure, there are hundreds of them just lying around the National Firearms Museum ... but how do you keep track of them. What gun did you use last week? Last month? Last year? Making sure that he wasn't going go double up on us, Senior Curator Doug Wicklund reached into his own collection for a 1911 that belong to a long lost pilot from World War I.

As Doug has told us a few dozen times, one Mister J. C. Hume-Storer, a Canadian, was lucky enough to make it out of the trenches and into a pilot's seat during World War I. Though he made it through two years on the ground with his trusty 1911, he didn't make it quite as long in the air.

Royal Canadian Flying Corps 1911 at NRA Museum

One day, in France, he took off for a final flight. Years and years later, the 1911 was found although our good Mr. Hume-Storer was not. In fact, he was never found.

That's just a taste of the history behind this 1911. For the full story, join Doug tonight on at 10:40 eastern time and hear the rest of the tale. Until then ... happy flying!

Engraving on Royal Canadian Flying Corps 1911 at NRA Museum

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