By Lindsey J. Morgan | July 19 2012 14:40

Reya Kempley shooting strong

Port Clinton, Ohio - Preliminary Results are coming in for the Prone and Standing 3-Position Metallic Sight Championship matches. It appears Reya Kempley has come to Camp Perry stronger than ever, taking first place in the Prone 3-P Metallic Sight Match and third place in the Standing 3-P Metallic Sight Match.

3-Position Metallic Sight Match (Prone) — Match 231
Place Competitor Score
1       Reya Kempley 400-37x
2       Tarl Kempley 400-37x
3       Henry Gray 400-37x
4       Matthew Chezem 400-34x
5       Katie Bridges 400-34x

3-Position Metallic Sight Match (Standing) — Match 232
Place Competitor Score
1       Joshua Olson 399-29x
2       George Norton 399-22x
3       Reya Kempley 398-23x
4       Christopher Abalo 397-22x
5       William Harvey 396-21x

Paralympic United States Army Marksmanship Unit team member Sgt. 1st Class Joshua Olson finished first in the Standing 3-P Metallic Sight Match. With a score of 399-29x, Olson also managed to break fellow USAMU team member Matthew Rawling's National Championship record by four points. Hopefully Olson will perform as well when competing in the Paralympic London 2012 Mixed 50m Prone Rifle and Mixed 10m Air Rifle events.

The last match of the day, the Kneeling 3-P Metallic Sight Match, just concluded. Results should be coming in shortly and we will post those preliminary results once they become available.

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