By Kyle Jillson | July 17 2012 07:35

Matt and Jessie, hosts of Outdoor Channel's Friends of NRA

Hungry for news about Friends of NRA's next season? The hit Outdoor Channel TV show is busy getting ready for their third year and here's a sneak peek at something you'll see this winter.

Co-host Jessie Duff recently took first-place honors in the Lady’s Open Division at the first annual Benelli/Rockcastle Tactical Shotgun Championships in Kentucky and the Friends of NRA crew was there to film all action as she blasted her targets away.

Duff began shooting professionally with pistols and has found great success at competitions all over the place, including the NRA Bianchi Cup. Now, she is making a foray into the world of competitive shotgun shooting and, as you can see, is picking it up pretty well.

Held June 29-July 1, competitors fired in 24 stages over the three days, expending approximately 253 rounds of birdshot, 30 slugs and 25 rounds of buckshot. Each stage was a little different than the last, requiring shooters to begin with their shotguns in various positions and states of load.

Look for Jessie's experience at the championships to pop up in a new Friends of NRA episode this winter. We'll check back in with our two hosts soon to see what else they have in store for the new season.


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